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2 steps to succeed
Do you know why I am on top of google search result? Because I don't SEO. I only do two things: be seen and be fresh.
  • Whenever and where ever client searching, bloging, reviewing or social networking, I will be seen, and be fresh.
Our service
I will provide same service to you. Your budget is 100% under your control. Because:
  • Our price is clear, simple, understood and resonable.
  • Pay only for what you get.
  • Never change.
  • Can start with a very small and less our involment budget.
  • Budget is adjustable anytime.
  • Quit anytime. No contract.
  • Quit safe. No loss on cancling service and you can keep going by yourself.
On top of Google results (no guarantee but refundable):
Item Price
Top 10$5000/url/month
Top 20$2000/url/month
Top 30$1000/url/month
Be seen:Be fresh:
  • Register to 288 social networks.
  • Register to 87 search engines.
  • Register to 36 web directories.
  • Register to 4567 vertical web.
  • Monitor 1876 forum, question & anwser sites.
Item Price
Global reportfree
Industory reportfree
Page optimization reportfree
Site Detail report$1/website
  • Post to 288 social networks.
  • Post to 112 blog sites.
  • Renew records in 343 yellow page sites.
  • Response to 85 review sites.
  • Reply to 1876 forum, question & anwser sites in time.
Item Price
Post Twitte$0.49/twitte*where
Write Twitte$4.49/twitte
Post Blog$0.49/blog*where
Write Blog$4.49/blog
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