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No More SEO, Let's WO (Website Optimization)

Researching on SEO just like thief's researching on police officer, is totally wrong. There is a Chinese old saying: "Man's researching is good, God's researching is better, No researching is the best (人算不如天算, 天算不如不算)". Very simple, be right and be good, so you don't need to worry about the search engine or police officer, they should serve you.

WO make a website be good, so help the whole web be good, for clients. WO does two things:
  • You are visible where ever you should be and vice versa.
    No matter where clients are, no matter what they are doing: searching, reading blog, social networking, as long as they need you, you will show up.

  • You are as much helpful as possiblle.
    Whenever, where ever you show up, you are fresh, updated, active and helpful.
And we do these for you by person instead of machine.

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